Urology center

Urology Centre is a centre for the diagnostics and treatment of urogenital diseases (erection disorders, prostate diseases, diseases of the urinary bladder, incontinence, renal stone disease, ureteral and urinary bladder stone disease etc.):

  • consultations and treatment are provided by the physicians urologists;
  • they also may advice regarding sexual well-being;
  • instrumental examinations can also be done – echoscopy, prostate biopsy (this is included in the service package or could be ordered individually), radiological examinations (X-ray images and computed tomography scans), urodynamic tests and laboratory tests – general blood count, general urinalysis, urea, creatinine test, bacteriological urine test, prostate specific antigen PSA test, prostate secretion examination, urine PCR test to detect DNA of the pathogen;
  • therapeutic and aesthetic urological surgical treatments are available: laparoscopic surgery or urogenital organs and blood vessels; endoscopic surgery of ureter, prostate, urinary bladder and upper urinary tract; open surgeries of urogenital organs, plastic surgery of genitalia.
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