Breast disease center

A Centre of Breast Disease is a Centre for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases.

  • Physicians specialists (mammologists) and physicians surgical oncologists are working in this Centre.
  • Physicians specialists (mammologists) in the Centre of Breast Diseases have been specialised in the treatment of breast pain (mastalgia, mastodynia), fibrocystic changes, nipple problem, including excretion (duct ectasia (periductal mastitis), intraductal papilloma), infections and inflammation (mastitis, abscess), Mondor’s disease, breast pathology in adolescents, benign and malignant tumours in males and females and other malformations (cysts, fibroadenomas, sclerosing adenosis, lipoma, gynecomastia (breast enlargement in males), etc.
  • They prescribe and assess the examinations: mammographies (breast X-ray images), breast ultrasound examinations, punctures of breast neoplasms, laboratory tests for breast cancer markers etc.

Prophylactic health check-ups help to maintain good female health and to prevent dangerous diseases. Young ladies above 40-year-old are recommended to see a physician mammologist and to have a breast ultrasound examination done every 3 years and to have a breast mammography every 2 years. These examinations help in diagnosing the neoplasms in their early stages, when they are not palpable. Those, whose relatives (a grandmother, mother or a sister) have had breast cancer should be especially attentive to their health.

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