Ear, nose and throat diseases (ENT) center

Centre of Ear Nose and Throat diseases (ENT) is a centre providing otorhinolaryngology services – diagnostics and treatment of ear nose and throat diseases (sinusitis, tonsillitis (angina) laryngitis, ear inflammation (otitis), hearing disorders, other ear drum diseases etc.):

  • Consultations and treatment are provided by ENT physicians (otorhinolaryngologists);
  • The examinations carried out: instrumental – audiometry, endoscopy of ear, larynx, nose, sinuses and pharynx, impedancemetry, tuning fork tests, X-ray examination of the facial sinuses; laboratory – cytological examination of the ear and nose smear, examination of a biopsy sample etc.;
  • A modern videonystagmometry examination is carried out to find out the reasons of vertigo and balance disorders;
  • Provided procedures: the ear canal cleaning, auditory canal blow off, nose cleaning, ear wax removal, incision of nose or ear furuncle, a foreign body removal from a nose, ear, larynx, etc.;
  • other surgeries: adenoidectomy (removal of adenoids), reposition of fractured nose bones (after acute trauma up to 10 days), conchoplasty (plastic surgery of nasal turbinate), plastic surgery of nasal septum (septoplasty), tonsillectomy (angina surgery).
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