About us

Kardiolita Hospital is a network of clinics, which brings together one of the best doctors in Lithuania and connects two Lithuanian cities - Vilnius and Kaunas. More than 400 doctors work in two cities, they specialize in more than 45 medical fields, provide more than 1,500 services.

Kardiolita Hospital network provides services starting from disease prevention to the most complicated surgical treatment and rehabilitation. Comprehensive and precise instrumental examinations and laboratory tests allows diagnostics of very complex diseases. We are especially happy to offer minimally invasive surgeries that preserve human body. Our clinics undergo modernisation on regular basis and are equipped with the advanced medical equipment. The state-of-the-art treatment methods and modern technologies, intensive care and reanimation centres accessible 24/7, especially high infection control, effective rehabilitation, pleasant reception and cosy environment are exceptional characteristics of the private medical care appreciated by the continuously growing numbers of Lithuanian and foreign patients.

In Kardiolita Hospital:

  • The best-qualified specialised doctors perform counseling and treatment.
  • The detailed instrumental and laboratory tests are performed expeditiously using the modern medical equipment.
  • The full body examination is performed using the latest diagnostic methods, the individual research programs are created.
  • The preventive health checks are carried out, the observation of the pregnant women is implemented.
  • The surgical treatment services are provided: the day surgery (including minimally invasive) and the most complicated (third level) heart, orthopedic, plastic (aesthetic surgery) and other surgery.
  • Therapeutic treatment services are provided: the scheduled diagnosis of various diseases and scheduled treatment.
  • The rehabilitation services are provided.

Kardiolita Hospital has long-term experience in treating international patients.

Our values

Aiming to fulfil the expectations of each our patient our everyday activities are based on the cornerstone of professional and human values – professionalism, responsibility, flexibility and dynamism; with understand the biggest strength of our clinics is a cohesive team we strive for cooperation with our patients creating the better and healthier future.