Dermatology and laser procedures

The Centre of Aesthetic and Laser Dermatology – offers consultations provided by the physicians dermatovenerologist regarding the treatment of skin diseases and aesthetic dermatology as well as examinations, treatments and aesthetic procedures using the new-generation lasers, injections and fillings:

  • The following therapeutic and aesthetic dermatology procedures are carried out using the modern lasers in Vilnius:
    – removal of different skin formations (atheromas, warts, skin molluscs, keratomas, papillomas) and naevuses;
    – treatment of skin pigmentation lesions (spots, freckles, heat spots), skin whitening;
    – removal of the vascular formations of skin (superficial varicose veins and capillary);
    –- treatment of vascular lesions using the Quadro Star PRO YELLOW laser;
    – treatment of hypertrophic scars caused by acne (pustules), rhinophyma and acne (pustules);
    – treatment of nail fungal infection and other services of laser dermatology;
    – fractional skin rejuvenation and lifting (photo rejuvenation);
    – painless removal of undesired hair with alexandrite laser;
  • services of aesthetic dermatology are available: wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid and botulin toxin injections, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, mesofilling (mesotherapy + biorevitalization), face skin rejuvenation, therapy to treat hair loss, chemical skin peeling. Part of these services are provided in Šiauliai Dermatology Centre;
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis (intensive sweating) with injections of botulin toxin is available;
  • Alopecia treatment applying hair transplantation procedures DHI (direct hair transplantation technique) Studies conducted by universities demonstrated that successes rate of hair transplantation applying DHI technology is as high as 97 % Hair transplantation applying DHI technique involves transplantation of individual follicle from the donor site to the desired site with the intention to restore hairs or to increase hair density. The diameter of the instrument is as small as one millimetre or sometimes even less. The explanted hairs are kept in the special liquid medium at the appropriate temperature; this allows to ensure good naturalisation and growth after the transplantation. Each hair is implanted considering the required growth direction by selecting the appropriate growth angle and depth; a unique proprietary DHI implantation tool (also with 1 mm of diameter minimally traumatic) is used for this procedure. The scalpels or other trauma- causing instruments are not used during the procedure. Namely because of this technology the procedure is superior to other hair transplantation techniques, such as FUE Follicular Unit Extraction), as it allows to avoid making holes or incisions or the Strip technique when the hair is transplanted together with the skin, which has been associated with formation of visible scars and aggravated healing period as well as high infections risk.
  • Dermatoscopic examination of skin formations and other required instrumental and laboratory examinations are carried out.
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