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Centre of Vascular Disease is a centre providing diagnostic and treatment services for the different diseases associated with pathology of blood vessels (leg superficial vein varicose atherosclerosis of leg arteries, pathology of neck arteries, atherosclerosis of abdominal aorta):

  • the consultations and vascular examinations are carried out by the physicians vascular surgeons;
  • vascular surgery is available: surgery of branches of the aortic arch (carotid, vertebral and subclavian arteries), as well as surgery of the abdominal aorta and its branches or leg arteries;
  • treatment of leg varicose veins can be offered applying conservative (medical, compression therapy and sclerotherapy, i.e. injection of special medicine into the visibly affected vein to occlude the vein)or surgical (traditional approach – phlebectomy or minimally invasive laser phlebectomy inside the vein) treatment methods.
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