Cardiac surgery

Cardiology Centre is a centre for the diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, angina pectoris (chest pain), myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disturbance, congenital and acquired heart defects, heart failure):

  • the following specialists provide their consultations in the Cardiology Clinic physicians cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, interventional radiologists and cardiologists;
  • instrumental examinations can be carried out: electrocardiogram(ECG), heart echoscopy; heart echoscopy, exercise toleration test (veloergometry), Holter monitoring, electrophysiological testing (heart catheterisation), X-ray, computed tomography, etc.;
  • laboratory tests can also be done: blood lipid test, blood coagulation tests;
  • interventional radiology and cardiology examinations are available: angiography, coronarography, other interventional cardiology and radiology procedures;
  • investigational and therapeutic procedures such as coronarography, balloon angioplasty (angioplasty) and stenting (stent implantation in the stenosis site can be offered.
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