Why Kardiolita Hospital?

At Kardiolita Hospital, our international patients save about third of the treatment price on average (depending on the type of treatment) by performing tests and surgeries at Kardiolita Hospital compared to their home country hospitals.

Kardiolita Hospital welcomes more than 1000 international patients each year for diagnostics, various medical treatments and surgeries of various difficulty levels. We are happy to know so many people are happy with their decision to choose Kardiolita Hospital as their medical services provider.

There are many factors why our patients choose Kardiolita as the hospital, here are just some of them:

  • Leading medical professionals
  • No waiting lists
  • Advanced and effective methods for diagnostics and treatment
  • Personalized care of outstanding quality
  • English speaking personal medical manager and doctors
  • Close to the UK and other European countries – short and inexpensive trip
  • Further rehabilitation possibilities in the finest resorts of Lithuania
  • Prices significantly lower than in the UK and other EU countries

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment or a date for surgery, please contact us +370 694 70170.