Diagnostic and Examinations Center

In the Diagnostics and Examinations Center instrumental (ultrasound and endoscopic tests, magnetic resonance imaging*, X-ray studies, computed tomography studies, etc.) and laboratory tests (blood analyses, urine analyses, etc.) are performed. In total, the Center conducts more than 800 different studies, provides over 40 research programs.

  • Using the latest medicine equipment operatively are performed comprehensive ultrasound, endoscopic, X-ray, magnetic resonance, duplex vascular scanning, computed tomography (CT), interventional radiology and cardiology, clinical physiology (electrocardiogram,  physical load test (bicycle ergometry), Holter’s monitoring), urodynamic and other instrumental tests.   
  • Radiological and ultrasound studies are performed and evaluated by qualified doctors-radiologists and doctors-echoscopists.
  • In a modern laboratory, various analyses of blood and other body fluids are performed: allergies, co-clinics, cancer markers, thyroid hormones, renal function, liver and pancreatic enzymes, sexually transmitted diseases, cytological and others.  
  • COVID-19 tests are performed: determination of COVID-19 by PCR, COVID-19 rapid antigen test by PCR, COVID-19 IgG antibodies research. The certificates are issued.
  • Primary preventive screening programs for children and adults are provided. Patients are given the opportunity to perform necessary testing programs before scheduled eye, thyroid, cardiac, vascular surgery and other operations, as well as needed researches in the Clinics.    

*While performing MRI studies, for disposable clothing and burning into durable medium service is additionally paid in accordance with the procedure established by the Clinics.

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