How to get ready for surgery

How to prepare yourself for the surgeries?

Surgery is a medical intervention into your body. Let's collaborate in reaching the best possible results and preventing post-surgical complications.

  • Do not eat during the last 6 hours before the surgery. It is recommended to have some light easily digestible food in the evening and to abstain from eating in the morning
  • Drinking of fluids is not allowed before the surgery;
  • If a specific surgery is planned to you, we will inform you personally about any additional requirements to have the surgery done smoothly;
  • If you are taking blood thinning medicines, it is necessary to ask your family physician to replace these medicines by others more suitable for surgery. You should contact your family physician for that;
  • have a good rest before the surgery as s surgery is a stress for your body;
  • It is not recommended to use alcohol, psychotropic substances, caffeine, green tea, coffee, chocolate or smoke before the surgery;
  • Take care that your blood tests have been done not more than 10 days before the surgery;
  • If costs of your surgery and your stay in a hospital can be reimbursed from the territorial mandatory health insurance budget (MHIB), obtain a referring notice for a surgical treatment from your family physician. We will inform you about this individually;
  • Have ready the contact information of the person who can be contacted in case of emergency;
  • Arrive to “Kardiolita Hospital” at the time allocated for your visit;
  • Stay calm and let us take care about your health!