Medical travel insurance

Going abroad for medical treatment might raise many concerns. We would like to let you feel safer by offering dedicated insurance for medical trips. 

Medical insurance for the patient will cover*:

  • the costs of the patient's extended stay and re-booking of the ticket, if the treatment is prolonged
  • the costs of the patient's travel and accommodation, if the patient has to return for any corrections after primary treatment
  • refund of the deposit if the treatment has to be cancelled for reasons beyond patient‘s control
  • the costs of baggage delay
  • the costs of flight delay or cancellation
  • the costs of lifestyle assistance
  • the costs of assistance to animals
  • the costs of emergency medical expenses and medical assistance

* all information about medical insurance benefits you will find here: special terms and conditions.

How does it work?

1. Book your medical treatment with international patients manager.
2. After booking your treatment you can buy insurance for your medical travel. Book your insurance: here. Insurance system will calculate the fee for you.
3. Make the payment, it can be done
by card, so it’s simple and easy. Once the insurance company will receive the payment, your insurance will be activated.