General and abdominal surgery center

Centre of general and abdominal surgery is a centre for the diagnostics and treatment of the diseases of soft tissue, abdominal organs, abdominal wall proctological disorders including surgeries (such as abdominal hernia surgery):

  • the consultations of general and abdominal surgeons (abdominal surgeons) can be offered for the patients;
  • treatment of general surgical diseases ( tumours of skin and connective and other soft tissues, cysts, haemangiomas etc., hernias of abdominal wall, gallstone disease, lipomas) is available;
    Instrumental examinations: echoscopy (ultrasound), endoscopy (oesophagogastroduodenoscopy), computed tomography and magnetic resonance can be carried out;
  • minimally invasive surgeries: laparoscopic cholecystectomy (a gall bladder removal surgery), laparoscopic correction of the abdominal and inguinal hernia (a surgery for abdominal hernias), lipoma surgeries, thyroid surgeries, rectal circular mucosectomy, resection of haemorrhoids etc.can be done;
  • minimally invasive surgical obesity (bariatric) treatment is applied: a gastric bypass surgery, a surgery to form a longitudinal tube (a gastric sleeve) surgery, a gastric plication surgery, gastric ring surgery, etc.
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