Refluxan therapy (cystoscopy)

Cystoscopy is a procedure done to examine the lining of the bladder and the urethra. Cystoscopy is used to investigate causes of signs and symptoms such as blood in the urine, incontinence, overactive bladder and painful urination. It can also be used to diagnose bladder diseases and conditions, for example bladder cancer, bladder stones and bladder inflammation (cystitis).

How the surgery is performed?

A local anesthetic is most common before the procedure. However, spinal or general anesthesia may be used, especially in cases when other treatments are performed together with cystoscopy. Cystoscopy is performed through the outer opening of the urethra. A hollow tube (cystoscope) equipped with a lens is inserted into the urethra and slowly advanced into the bladder. Bladder mucosa, urethral openings, bladder neck are examined. Special tools can be passed through the cystoscope to treat certain conditions. For example, very small bladder tumors might be removed during cystoscopy. A sample of tissue for testing (biopsy) can also be removed during the procedure.

Postoperative period

  • You can usually leave hospital the same day and can return to your normal activities;
  • A few days after the procedure You may feel discomfort when peeing or have a bit of blood in Your urine;
  • You should avoid going to pool, sauna or taking a bath for 2 weeks.
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