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Shortness of breath will alert you about heart failure

Heart failure - a progressive condition that begins to worsen overall heart function, and eventually the disease manifests itself in shortness of breath, numbness of the limbs and other symptoms. Heart failure is promoted and its progression is facilitated by any pathological condition of the heart. The most common cases of heart failure are due to ischemic heart disease, untreated high blood pressure or heart rate frequency rhythm disorder. Among other possible reasons - congenital or acquired heart valves' defects, myocarditis, dangerous heart rhythm disorders and other diseases. 

A doctor-cardiologist Agnė Mažutavičiūtė of Cardiology Center at Kardiolita Hospital says, that the biggest mistake patients make – not caring for your health and delay.

„The earlier the initial heart changes are found, which testify to the onset of asymptomatic heart failure, the more effective its treatment, the easier are the consequences. People tend to see a doctor only when they feel extremely bad, unfortunately, irreversible changes of the heart muscle are often found at that time”, the doctor warns.