Why us?

Why go abroad?

More and more people living in the UK and other European countries travel abroad for medical treatment each year. Some of them have medical insurance that covers the cost of the services, others self-pay.

Why do people travel?

The main reasons people go abroad for medical treatment:

  • Waiting lists are too long. In the UK, it is normal to wait up to 18 weeks for a NHS (National Health Service) treatment, and in most cases, people wait for months to have serious heart, orthopedic and other types of surgeries. You can contact Medrefund and they will assist you in claiming back the cost of the treatment from the NHS. This is very common in other countries too and is not acceptable for most people making it one of the main reasons to look for alternatives abroad.

At Kardiolita Hospital, we can organize your treatment in couple of weeks, whether it is a day surgery, diagnostics or a difficult in-patient surgery.

  • Private treatment costs are too high. Many patients who choose to go abroad for a treatment, do that because of cost saving benefits.