Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation is performed when a woman desires larger, rounder, firmer or more symmetrical breasts. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. There are two types of breast enlargement – breast augmentation with fat and breast augmentation with implants. The most common type of breast augmentation is using breast implants.

Breast implants are available in various types and sizes, also it can be round or drop-shaped and are chosen to each patient individually. Upon arrival for the surgery, the first step always is a consultation with the operating plastic surgeon. During the consultation, you will discuss your wishes and expectations with the surgeon. After evaluating your skin elasticity, shape and natural size of breasts, the surgeon will advise you on:

  • the shape, size and type of the implants
  • placement of surgical incision
  • placement of the implants

How the surgery is performed?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. During breast augmentation surgery, incisions are made in areas where the visibility of scars would be minimal - in the inframammary fold (lower fold of the breast) or around the areola. Typically, the implants are placed either over the chest muscle (sub-glandular) or under the chest muscle (sub-muscular).


  • Swelling in the breasts remains for 2–3 weeks
  • Stitches are removed on the 7th–10th day after the surgery
  • It is not allowed to raise your hands above your head to avoid moving the implants, for the first 3-4 weeks after the surgery
  • Special surgical bra should be worn for 6 weeks after surgery
  • Physical activity should be avoided for 2–3 months after the surgery
  • Most patients return to work within a few days after the surgery

What is included in the price?

  • Pre-operative tests
  • Consultation with surgeon
  • Surgery with anesthesia
  • Compression garments
  • Surgeon visits and consultations after the surgery
  • Full medical care in the hospital
  • Hospital stay with daily meals
  • Medical Manager to assist at all times
  • Medicine kit after discharge
  • Help with organizing the trip
  • Postoperative checkups



  • If you would like to get a quote for surgery feel free to fill in this questionnaire: QUESTIONNAIRE.
  • The surgeon will evaluate your general health and prepare an individual treatment plan, our patients coordinator will get in touch with you within 1-2 working days.

Booking the treatment

  • Once you are approved for the surgery you can choose the suitable date for the treatment. For women: it is recommended to plan the surgery between your menstrual cycles.
  • To book the surgery you will be asked to pay deposit payment.
  • Next step - flights and accommodation booking. We can also offer help with arranging Your trip and accommodation.

Preparing for the surgery at home

  • One month before surgery you will receive guidlines you will be recommended to follow before surgery.

Preparing for the surgery at the clinic

  • You will need to arrive to Lithuania at least one days before the surgery. On the 1st a mandatory COVID-19 test is performed, as well as blood tests, ECG, consultation with surgeon.
  • Before the surgery you will have to sign an agreement to undergo the surgery and anaesthesia. Please read these documents carefully and if there will be some obscurity or questions sort them out with the doctor and/or doctor-anaesthetist before signing the agreements.
  • The payment for the surgery conditions are stated in the Agreement for the provision of personal health care services. The payment can be made by cash or credit card before surgery.


  • On the day of surgery it is forbidden to use any cosmetics (make up, body cosmetics, inluding self-tanning cosmetics) or jewellery (including all kind of piercings).
  • On the 2nd – 3rd day you will have the surgery. You will need to stay at the hospital for 1-2 nights. Here you will be provided with all needed medication and care. Bring only personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb etc.). Pyjamas, robe, slippers will be provided by the clinic personnel.
  • After the surgery medicine package is given for the first days after surgery.

Back home

  • If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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