How avoiding a hip treatment leads to other health problems?

How avoiding a hip treatment leads to other health problems?

The hip joint ensures correct posture for every person, its stability, proper footwork and withstands the loads created by the body weight. Unfortunately, more and more patients are complaining of the hip pains, which occur when exercising or walking, others identify the resulting stiffening - why these symptoms should not be ignored?

Doctor orthopaedic-traumatologist, dr. Giedrius Kvederas of Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius tells, that the causes of pain can be varied:     

  • patients aged 50 and over suffer from arthrosis of the hip joint, which impairs it;
  • younger patients are more likely to suffer from joint damage or wear and tear caused by systemic inflammatory diseases;
  • injuries, fractures or bone infarctions that impair blood flow to the joints; the anatomy changes and the weakened bone begins to decay.

According to the doctor, after the patient has undergone the necessary tests and abnormalities in the hip joint have been identified, conservative treatment is being applied first. However, when this is not effective, a person's mobility is further restricted - surgical treatment is being suggested.

The hip joint endoprosthesis (replacement) surgery is often called the operation of the century, because it is extremely safe, effective and helps to restore impaired functions, as well as to return to a full life.

Avoiding seeking help while experiencing hip joint related ailments, the patients can cause a chain reaction of certain events:

  • continuous use of medicines can damage the digestive tract, impair heart and kidney function;
  • limiting movement due to pain, a muscle become weaker, starts poorer heart performance and appears physical load tolerance.