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Why go abroad

More and more people living in the UK and other European countries travel abroad for medical treatment each year. Some of them have medical insurance that covers the cost of the services, others self-pay.

Why do people travel?

The main reasons people go abroad for medical treatment:

  • Waiting lists are too long. In the UK, it is normal to wait up to 18 weeks for a NHS (National Health Service) treatment, and in most cases, people wait for months to have serious heart, orthopedic and other types of surgeries. This is very common in other countries too and is not acceptable for most people making it one of the main reasons to look for alternatives abroad.

At Kardiolita, you would not need to wait for more than 1 week for any treatment, whether it is a day surgery, diagnostics or a difficult in-patient surgery.

  • Risk of MRSA infections is too high. MRSA is a Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a type of bacteria which has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. MRSA infection has become increasingly difficult to treat, and can lead to death. For some people, the incidence of MRSA infection in hospitals has been one of the factors which has encouraged them to seek hospital treatment and surgery abroad.

At Kardiolita, the MRSA rate is 0, compared to 8%+ in the UK and other countries.

  • Private treatment costs are too high. Many patients who choose to go abroad for a treatment, do that because of cost saving benefits.


Why Kardiolita Hospital

At Kardiolita, our international patients save about 41% of the treatment price on average (depending on the type of treatment) by performing tests and surgeries at Kardiolita compared to their home country hospitals.

Kardiolita welcomes more than 2000 international patients each year for diagnostics, various medical treatments and surgeries of various difficulty levels. We are happy to have saved so many lives, and to know so many people are happy with their decision to choose Kardiolita as their medical services provider.

There are many factors why our patients choose Kardiolita as the hospital, here are just some of them:

  • ZERO MRSA infections (compared to 8%+ in the UK and other European countries)
  • No waiting lists
  • Leading medical professionals
  • Advanced and effective methods for diagnostics and treatment
  • Personalized care of outstanding quality
  • English speaking personal medical manager and doctors
  • Close to the UK and other European countries – short and inexpensive trip
  • Further rehabilitation possibilities in the finest resorts of Lithuania
  • Prices significantly lower than in the UK and other EU countries

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment or a date for surgery, please contact us.


Why Lithuania

Why it is worth to choose the treatment in Lithuania:

  •     Modern clinics and therapeutic facilities (sanatoriums)
  •     Extensive experience of treating patients from abroad
  •     Air-flights to Lithuania are available from any part of Europe
  •     Particularly beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage
  •     All-inclusive services are provided – from diagnostics to post operative rehabilitation in the best Lithuanian therapeutic facilities

Not only high level of health care may be considered as an advantage of Lithuania. Vilnius – one of the oldest cultural centers of the Western Europe.


Vilnius - the Centre of Europe

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.

Vilnius is one of the oldest cities in the Baltics. The first known written record of Vilnius as the Lithuanian capital is known from Gediminas' letters in 1323.
The name of the city originated from the Vilnia River.

Charming Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest and well-preserved historic town centres in Eastern Europe. The buildings in the old town were built over several centuries, creating a blend of many different architectural styles. Although Vilnius is known as a Baroque city, there are examples of Gothic (e.g. St. Anne's Church), Renaissance, and other styles.
There are more than 40 churches in Vilnius. Like most medieval towns, Vilnius was developed around its Town Hall. The main artery, Pilies Street, links Town Hall with the Cathedral Square. Vilnius Cathedral is in the very heart of Vilnius city.
Owing to its uniqueness, the Old Town of Vilnius was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.
Vilnius – a cosy, friendly and cosmopolitan city, the centre of Europe!

Kardiolita may offer interesting sight-seeing tours in Vilnius and its surroundings to arriving patients and accompanying people.