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Weight loss surgery

At “Kardiolita” the number of gastric bypass surgeries performed by a doctor Prof. Antanas Mickevicius is about 600 surgeries combined in the past few years. The surgeon is very experienced and well known amongst the leading gastric surgeons worldwide.

  • All procedures are performed using laparoscopic technique – during treatment, the video camera and instruments are inserted through several small incisions without opening the abdominal cavity.
  • In the absence of complications, patient is discharged home from hospital 2 days after the surgery, and can return to work or normal activities within two weeks.
  • Large variety of surgical procedures
  • Very effective surgery. Rare complications
  • No waiting lists and no waiting period for the surgery to be performed - the procedure can be arranged at a time convenient for the patient.

Our prices are all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees. Here’s what’s included in the price: 

  • Pre-operative tests
  • Consultation with endocrinologist
  • Consultation with gastroenterologist
  • Consultation with anesthesiologist
  • Surgeon consultation prior to the surgery
  • Surgery
  • Surgeon visits and consultations after the surgery
  • Full medical care in the hospital
  • Hospital stay with 5 daily meals
  • All needed medications while in the hospital
  • Consultation with dietition
  • Diet programme
  • Medical Manager to assist at all times
  • Help with organizing the trip


Obesity is related to many chronic conditions and often complicates their course. The conservative treatment for obesity is less effective if compared to surgical method of treatment. In case the BMI is too high and efforts to lose weight with diets or medications have been unsuccessful – surgery may be the only option. At present, surgical management of obesity is the only method of treatment that can provide permanent weight loss results. Weight loss surgery increases life expectancy, improves health and the quality of life.


Treatment of obesity involves supervision of doctors with different specialties. Effective care by the multi-profile team guarantees a long-lasting treatment success. Apart from the surgeon the patient gets advice of psychologist, dietitian and endocrinologist. Surgery procedure can ensure the physical loss of weight. Along with it, the related pathologies are being corrected and changes in metabolism, behavioral habits and patient’s social self-esteem occur. In order the patient could successfully overcome the new challenges, the supervision and assistance provided by skilled health care professionals is absolutely essential.

 Work with the patient includes:

  • Psychologist advice
  • Dietitian advice
  • Endocrinologist advice
  • Advice of abdominal surgeon 


  • Women and men of different age with BMI³ 40 kg/m2;
  • BMI³ 35 kg/m2 + adjacent diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertonia
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Sleep apnea
    • Patients in whom conservative measures are ineffective


The basic cause of obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

To be considered for weight-loss surgery, a patient must meet the following qualifications:

  • No endocrine disorders, that cause the morbid obesity
  • Psychological stability 
  • Understanding how the surgical operation causes loss of weight
  • Awareness of the fact, that the surgery itself does not ensure the weight loss
  • No mental illness, drug dependence or alcohol addiction
  • Agreement to stay under long-lasting postoperative supervision

Weight loss surgery procedures at „Kardiolota” are performed by abdominal surgeon doctor Nerijus Kaselis. 

Surgical weight loss procedures performed at Kardiolita:


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