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2600 Eur

LIPOGEMS is a unique method of medical treatment that helps regenerate body tissues that have been damaged or infected.

During the LIPOGEMS procedure, fat cells are taken from the patient's body, they are cleaned from infected cells and micro-fermented in the same Lipogems system. Then injected right into the problem area to repair and restructure damaged tissue.

Why fat?

Fat is a very dynamic and active biological tissue that has an abundance of protein, connective tissue and regenerative cells. Because of their ability to form into various organism's cells (muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilages) and regenerate damaged tissues, fat tissue is a very valuable form of regenerative medicine when treating various diseases and conditions.

Advantages of LIPOGEMS procedure:

  • Lipogems is a minimally invasive, safe, not complex, short chirurgical procedure (takes up to 1 hour with preparation)
  • Performed with general anaesthesia
  • Because with LIPOGEMS the tissue used is of the same patient, the risk of rejection is completely eliminated
  • Because of the LL37 protein cells, which are a natual antibiotic, the risk of inflammation reaction is minimal
  • Lipogems is a great alternative to complex sugeries, especially join replacement surgeries

At Kardiolita hospital, LIPOGEMS procedure is performed by one of our most experienced doctors orthopaedists - Andrius Saikus, MD. 

Lithuania is known to be #2 in the world for the lowest number of complications in orthopaedic surgeries.

Lipogems price per leg is 2600 Eur.

Lipogems price for two legs is 3300 Eur (or two joints of the same leg).

We would be more than happy to have your case reviewed by our operating surgeon and advise on the treatment type and the estimated price. Please contact us.


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