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Lip Augmentation With Fat


Lip augmentation with fat

Lip augmentation with fat, compared to other procedures, is a more natural and long-term option to plump the lips. The surgery can add volume to the lips, correct the shape of the lips, or smooth out the wrinkles, that occur with age.

How the surgery is performed?

During the surgery, fat is taken from body areas, where there is excess fat, such as abdomen, thighs and hips. In the areas, where the liposuction is performed, incisions of approximately 0,5 cm. are made. Retrieved fat cells are thoroughly prepared for transplantation. The prepared tissue is then injected into the lips with syringes.

Postoperative period

  • Avoid increased physical activities for 1-2 months after surgery;
  • After the surgery approximately 40-60 % of the fat tissue survive;
  • Do not smoke for 2 weeks after surgery;
  • Postoperative results may be influenced by weight loss (fat volume can decrease).