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Neurology center

Neurology Center - is a center, in which professional neurology and neurosurgery is performed, neurology and neurosurgery services are provided, treatment of neurological illnesses carried out (headaches, migraine, cerebrovascular diseases), radiculopathies (damage to the nerve roots of the spinal cord), demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system (multiple sclerosis and others), degenerative diseases of the nervous system (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease), epilepsy, insomnia and others), neurosurgeons diagnose and treat congenital anomalies, diseases and injuries of the spinal cord.

Doctors of neurological diseases provide these medical services:

  • consultations
  • perform instrumental tests:
    • duplex scan of extracranial blood vessels,
    • transcranial dopplerography (ultrasound examination of cerebral blood vessels),
    • computed tomography,
    • neurosonoscopy (ultrasound brain examination of the infants through a fontanelle);