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Ear, nose and throat diseases (ENT) center

ENT Center (Ear, nose and throat diseases Center, ENT Clinic) – is a center, in which are diagnosed and treated ear, nose and throat illnesses:

Diagnosed and treated are:

  • inflammations of ear, nose, throat (otitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, rhinitis and others)
  • diseases of the patulous eustachian tube
  • eardrum illnesses and disorders
  • otalgia and secretion from the ear
  • nasal polyps
  • respiratory irregularities
  • hearing disorders
  • voice changes
  • ear, nose, throat lesions and burns
  • congenital ear, nose, throat formation defects
  • benign as well as malignant ear, nose, throat tumors and others

Diagnostic tests performed:

  • endoscopic examination of nasal passages 
  • impendansometry study
  • biopsy
  • crops and others

Procedures carried out:

  • sulfar plug washing
  • foreign body removal from nose, pharynx, throat
  • nose washing and others

Ear, nose, throat surgeries performed:

  • adenoidectomy
  • removal of tonsils
  • septoplasty
  • conchoplasty 
  • functional rhinoplasty (aesthetic and respiratory quality nose improvement surgery)
  • post-traumatic nasal corrections (needed for acute or old nasal injuries)
  • removal of nasal polyps