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Dermatology and laser procedures

If you plan to come from abroad for a laser dermatology procedure, we recommend to first consult with our doctors first before confirming the dates for your visit. This usually involves providing your photos for our review and evaluation, and discussing your concerns and expectations on phone or by email.

The majority of our laser dermatology procedures are performed in an out-patient department, however, we would be happy to arrange hospital stay overnight if needed.

 Whether you are interested in acne, stretch marks procedures or any other laser treatment for your skin, we will be happy to discuss your case and provide recommendations for the most suitable procedures for you.

At Kardiolita Hospital, we do a wide range of dermatology and laser procedures:

  • Laser dermatology:
    • Removal of various skin formation
    • Treatment of nail fungus
    • Treatment of pigmental skin lesions (spots, heat-spots, freckles), skin whitening
    • Skin rejuvenation and skin straining (photo rejuvenation)
    • Removal of undesirable hair
    • Removal of formations of blood vessels in the skin (varicosed surface veins and capillaries)
    • Treatment of stretch marks, scars caused by acne and hypertrophic scars, rhinophyma
    • Treatment of acne
    • Fractional resurfacing
  • Aesthetic dermatology:
    • Chemical cleaning of skin (peeling)
    • Non-surgical treatment of wrinkle
    • Mesotherapy, biorevitalization
  • Hair transplantation:
    • DHI (Direct hair implantation)