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Cataract Surgery

1200 - 1800 Eur

During cataract surgery, the lens of the eye is replaced with and intraocular lens implant.


Operating doctor consultation is necessary prior to cataract surgery. Even if you have all your medical records from your doctor, our operating doctor will still need to evaluate your vision prior to the surgery. At the time of consultation, the doctor will decide what lens will need to be used.


Cataract surgery is performed under local anesthesia and usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete. More complicated cataract surgery may take up to 30 minutes.

Cataract surgery success rates are high – around 98% of cataract surgeries are successful, and those that are not, are usually for patients who have other eye problems along with cataracts.

In some cases, hospital stay for up to 2 days may be recommended by the doctor. If patients leaves the hospital / country after the surgery, post-operative follow up consultations may be done by another ophthalmology professional.


  • A protective shield should be worn over the eye that was operated for about 1 week after the surgery, usually at night.
  • Ophthalmoscopy procedure is usually recommended to be performed within a set timeframe after the surgery
  • Several follow-up consultations are needed following the surgery – the first one usually 1-2 days after the surgery, and another one or more few weeks after the surgery. 


It is necessary to contact the doctor after the surgery if any of the signs of possible complications are noticed:

  • Increasing pain
  • Decreasing vision
  • Increasing eye redness
  • Swelling around the eye
  • Discharge from the eye.


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