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Prof., MD Habil. PhD Valerijus Ostapenko, General surgery doctor

Prof., MD Habil. PhD Valerijus Ostapenko


1972 - 1978 y. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, treating speciality

Professional experience     
1978 - 1982 y. Kidney Transplantation Center, Antakalnis Hospital, surgeon
Since 1982 y. Vilnius University Oncology Institute (VUOI), surgeon
Since 2002 y. VUOI, Head of Surgery Clinic
Since 2005 y. VUOI, Head of Breast Diseases Department   
Since 2010 y. VUOI, Head of Breast Diseases, Gynecology, Photodynamics Therapy  
Since 2014 y. National Cancer Institute, Head of Breast Diseases Department   
Since 2014 y.  Head of SIS Certified Breast Excellence Center in the Baltic States
Since 2017 y. Vilnius „Kardiolita clinics“, doctor Breast oncologist-surgeon

Professional improvement

1982 y. Vilnius University, general surgery  
1985 y. European School of Oncology, Breast cancer
1988 y. Sankt Peterburg Oncology Institute (Russia), diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases
1989 y. Kodama Breast Clinic, Kyoto (Japan)
1989 y. Russian Cancer Research Centre (Russia), Breast reconstruction  
1991 y. Miami Plastic Surgery Center (USA), „Icrett award“, Breast reconstruction  
1996 y. Lithuanian Oncology Center, Breast cancer diagnostics and treatment  
2002 y. AKH Vienna (Austria), Sentinel Node Biopsy
2003 y. AKH Vienna (Austria), Breast Cancer course
2004 y. Radium hospital, Oslo (Norway), Breast Cancer
2006 y. Helsinki Breast Center (Finland), Breast Cancer
2011 y. St. Gallen Breast center (Switzerland), Breast Cancer
2014 y. AKH Vienna (Austria), Breast Cancer course
2017 y. Budapest University Hospital (Hungary), Breast reconstruction and oncoplasty


1982 y. General surgeon, 2 category
1985 y. Surgeon –oncologist, 2 category  
1990 y. Surgeon–oncologist, 1 category  
1995 y. Surgeon–oncologist, the highest  category

Scientific activity   

Articles, thesis - 168 (15 ISI)
International studies  - 10 (since 1999)


Member of Lithuanian Anti- cancer Society
Member of Lithuanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Member of European Society of Mastology (EUSOMA)
Member of Union for International Cancer Control
Member of Lithuanian Senologic Society
Directors‘ Board Member of SIS/Senologic International Society