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MD PhD Vaidotas Zabulis, Vascular surgery doctor

MD PhD Vaidotas Zabulis


1989 - 1995 y. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Therapeutic medicine speciality
1995 - 1996 y. Medical Doctor (primary residency) at Vilnius University Red Cross hospital
1996 - 2000 y. Surgery (secondary residency)
2000 - 2002 y. Vascular surgery (tertiary residency) at  Vilnius city University Hospital, Vascular Surgery Clinic
2002 - 2006 y. Vilnius University Clinic of Cardiac and Vascular Diseases  PhD student
2006 y. Defended doctor‘s of medical sciences thesis "Importance of non-invasive researches, setting indications for thigh and popliteus arteries‘ reconstructive surgeries"

Professional experience

1996 - 1997 y. Vilnius Ambulance University Hospital, Vascular Surgery Clinic, doctor assistant
1999 - 2002 y. Vilnius University Antakalnis Hospital, Vascular Surgery Department, vascular surgeon assistant
2002 - 2004 y. Vilniaus University Antakalnis Hospital, Vascular Surgery Department, vascular surgeon
2007 - 2010 y. Vilnius Šeškinė Clinic, vascular surgeon
2007 - 2014 y. Anykščiai Hospital, vascular surgeon
Since 2001 y. Vilnius region Central Clinic, vascular surgeon
Since 2005 y. Vilnius University Hospital  Santariškės Clinicc, vascular surgeon
Since 2009 y. "Bružienė Clinic" in Panevėžys, vascular surgeon
Since 2010 y. "The Old Tower Clinic" in Šiauliai, vascular surgeon
Since 2007 y. "Kardiolita Clinics", vascular surgeon


Member of the Lithuanian Society for Vascular Surgeons
Member of the Lithuanian Society of Phlebologists
Member of the Lithuanian Association for Ultrasound Diagnostics
Member of the European Society of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery (ESCVS)

Scientific activity

Co-author of many scientific publications

Professional improvement

Internships in France, England, Italy