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MD PhD Robertas Adomaitis, Urologist

MD PhD Robertas Adomaitis

Activity areas

Urology, sexual medicine, male sexual  dysfunctions, female sexual function, couples and individual counseling on all aspects of sexual dysfunctions and sex life, surgeries for correction of the external genitals deformities


2000 y. Doctor‘s diploma, Vilnius University
Residency of Urology: Santariškės Clinics of Vilnius University Hospital, Santariškės Clinics subsidiary  Center of Vilnius University Hospital, Oncology Institute of Vilnius University, Vilnius Ambulance University Hospital
2012 y. Defended a doctoral dissertation on the subject „Evaluation of the impact of early detection program on prostate cancer incidence in Lithuania“

Professional experience

Santariškės Clinics of Vilnius University Hospital, Urology center
Since 2009 y. Vilnius „Kardiolita Clinics“, doctor sexologist, urologist


Member of Lithuanian Urological Society
Member of European Association of Urology 
Member of Lithuanian Society for Sexual Medicine
Member of European Society for Sexual Medicine

Scientific activity

Vilnius University PhD, thesis subject  „Significance of early diagnosis program for prostate cancer morbidity in Lithuania“