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MD Ona Garlaitė, Ophthalmologist

MD Ona  Garlaitė


2001 - 2008 y. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine
2008 - 2011 y. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, ophthalmology residency

Professional experience

2011 - 2013 y. Eyes‘ Diseases Treatment Center, optics  „The Old Owl“, doctor ophthalmologist
Since 2011 y. PI Republican Vilnius University Hospital, Eyes‘ Diseases Department, doctor ophthalmologist
2012 - 2016 y. PI Central Hospital of Šilalė, doctor ophthalmologist
2014 - 2016 y. PI Center Clinic, doctor ophthalmologist
Since 2017 y. PI Center Clinic, doctor ophthalmologist
Since 2017 y. Vilnius „Kardiolita Clinics“, doctor ophthalmologist

Professional improvement

2010 y. EBO fellowship program: EBO Visited training center: Department of Ophthalmology, Helsinki University Central Hospital. Subspecialty:    Oncology, oculoplastics, neuroophthalmology
2011 y. SOE observation program: SOE visited training center: Moorfields Eye Hospital. Subspeciality: cornea,  medical retina
2016 y. SOE fellowship program: SOE visited training center: Bern University Hospital. Subspeciality: general and surgical ophthalmology


2009 y. EBO review course: Ophthalmic Oncology, Portoroz, Slovenia
2010 - 2013 y. XIV Forum Ophthalmologicum Balticum, Tallinn, Estonia
2010 y. 4th EGS European residents glaucoma course, Geneva, Switzerland
2010 y. EUPO 2010 Course-Retina, Athens, Greece
2010 y. WOC2010, Berlin, Germany
2010 y. XIII Forum Ophthalmologicum Balticum, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 y. „Uveitis course“, Vilnius
2012 - 2014 y. ESCRS 18th winter meeting, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Attended the following Surgica Skills:Training Courses: Intraocular & transcleral suturing;Artisan phakic IOL; Micro incision phaco.
2012 y. „Glaucoma - has our attitude and opportunities changed over the last years?“, Vilnius
2012 y. „From injection to extensive incision – ophthalmic surgery news“, Druskininkai
2012 y. 16th winter meeting of ESCRS;  Couses: basic phacoemulsification; Phaco: management of complications
2012 y. Treatment of head, spinal and vascular diseases, Vilnius
2012 y. Glaucoma Course, LEOC, Prague, Chech Republick
2012 y. International Cataract Course, Prague, Chech Republick
2013 y. ESASO, Cataract Module, Moscow, Russia
2015 y. Cataract Course, LEOC, Prague, Chech Republic
2015 y. Venice ophthalmology summer school, 2015, medical and surgical retina
2016 y. SOG/SSO, Interlaken, Switzerland. Skills: angiography courses
2016 y. WOC2016, Guadalajara, Mexico
2017 y. Baltic eye surgeons talk show Vol.5, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 y. DOG congress 2017, Berlin, Germany
2017 y. The perspective of glaucoma: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Kaunas, Lithuania
2017 y. SOE2017, Barcelona, Spain