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MD PhD Laimutis Škikas, Orthopaedic traumologist

MD PhD Laimutis Škikas

Activity areas

Diagnoses and treats traumatic-orthopedic diseases. Performs all types orthopedic-traumatology surgeries, LIPOGEMS procedures.


1979 - 1985 y.  Kaunas Medical Institute, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
1985 - 1986 y. Kaunas Clinics, internship, doctor surgeon
2004 - 2011 y. Lithuanian State Institute of Physical Education, orthopedist-traumatologist of sports injuries, surgeon
2011 y. Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education, awarded Ph. D. scientific degree

Professional exparience

1986 - 1988 y. Central Hospital of Plungė region, doctor surgeon
1988 - 1997 y. Kaunas Clinical Hospital, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
1989 - 2003 y. Kaunas Sports Medicine Dispensary, doctor
1998 - 2013 y. Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
2005 - 2017 y. LFF National men‘s football team, doctor
2011 - 2015 y. Kaunas Republican Hospital, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
Since 2012 y. Medicine consultations and rehabilitation center ,,Ortomeda”, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
Since 2016 y. Baltic American Clinic, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
Since 2016 y. Druskininkai Hospital, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist
Since 2011 y. Kaunas „Kardiolitos Clinics”, doctor orthopedist-traumatologist

Professional improvement, internships  

2016 y. ChondroFiller Visiting Surgeons programme, Johanna Etienne Hospital, Neuss (Germany)
2016 y. Training in handling of the Lipogems system in orthopaedic procedures, Warsaw (Poland)
2018 y. Joint preservation Congress, Knee osteotomies – cadaver course, Warsaw (Poland)

Scientific activity

Since 2007 y. Lithuanian Sports University, a lecturer in sports medicine, first aid, sports traumatology and radiology
In 2011 y. defended biology direction dissertation of  biomedical area sciences “Effect of morphological and biomechanical properties of Achilles tendon and calf muscles on equilibrium stability”

This physician provides the following services Price
Lipogems (one leg) 2600 Eur
Lipogems (two legs) 3300 Eur
nStride APS procedure 1400 Eur
Shoulder arthroscopy 3000 - 4000 Eur
Knee arthroscopy 3000 - 4500 Eur
Tendon repair surgery 2000 - 3000 Eur
Ankle arthroscopy 2000 - 3000 Eur
Bunion Surgery 2100 Eur