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Ingrida Znamenskiene

 Ingrida Znamenskiene

Graduated dentistry at Kaunas University of Medicine | 1995

Professional experience:
Doctor dentist - prosthetist at Kardiolita Hospital facility in Kaunas |2002- present

Further education / Participation in:
Conservative treatment of periodontal diseases, Vilnius University. |2001

Gingivectomy. Periodontological surgery. Vilnius University. | 2002

Tooth crown restoration with glass fiber post. | 2009

Conference “News in dentistry practice”. | 2010

Conditions for successful prosthetic with ceramic crowns and dental veneers. | 2010

International congress “Oral health for all”. | 2011

New opportunities for expanding the range of prosthetics in the clinical use. Advanced implantation design and time-tested conical connection between the implant and the support. | 2011

Modern methods in the diagnosis and treatment of temporary health conditions. | 2011

Function. Practical use of face-bows and dental articulators. |2011

Conference “Dental problems”.| 2012

Conference “Modern methods of dental restorations”.| 2013

Soft tissue management around teeth and implants. | 2014

Clinical dentistry in the 21st century. What direction are we heading towards? |2015

Restoration of dental biomechanics and aesthetic. Glass and zirconium oxide ceramics. |2016

Micro protection: laminates, shades, crowns. |2016

Preventing complication in dental orthopedics. 2016

Dental impression materials and techniques. The importance of dental retraction for the quality of the dental impression. | 2016

Everything about precision of dental impressions: preparation, methods, materials and clinical advices. | 2017

Complicated clinical cases in dentistry. | 2017

Seminar “Clinical use of bio ceramic materials in endodontics. |2017