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Inga Guogiene, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Doctor

 Inga Guogiene

Work and studies

2001 – 2007 Higher education integrated medicine studies at Kaunas University of Medicine;;

2005 – 2006 Higher  education  medicine studines at Lyon University of Medicine;

2007 – 2008 Clinical practice at VŠĮ S. Kudirka Hospital in Alytus region;

2008 – 2013 Medical residency studies at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), acquired professional qualification of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon doctor;

Since  2013 -  Continues clinical activity at  LSMU clinics in Kaunas, in  Plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic;

Since  2013 - Teaches students at the faculty of Medicine at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

Since 2014 - A doctorate at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

Since 2013 - VŠĮ  S. Kudirka Hospital  Plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor in Alytus;

Since 2015 -  Plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor at  „Grožio chirurgija“ clinic.

Since 2017- Kardiolita Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive surgery doctor



2012  Internship in Plastic and reconctructive surgery center at Lyon University  Hospital, Lyon, France;

2012 – 2013 Internship in Plastic and reconstructive surgery centre at Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux, France;

2014 - International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Annual Meeting 2014, Paris, France;

2013 – Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): News and training.  Aesthetic and orthopedic medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2013 – „Treatment  and diagnostic innovations in surgery”, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2013 -  IQUAM congress „IPRAS international meeting of Plastic surgery trainees“, Budapest, Hungary;

2013 – 2 month laser practice surgery at doctor‘s  Dominique Boineau centre de medecine esthetique in Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France;

2013 – Delivered 3 reports at European Wound Management Association (EWMA)  conference, Copenhagen, Denmark;

2013 - „Polytech Plastic surgery expert meeting“, Prague, Czech Republic;

2013 - Face assessment, Face volumizing. Voluma, Vycross, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 - Face rejuvenation. Vycross, Voluma, Volbella, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 – Seminar:  Cell matrix „Trilogy of the new tissue engineering model: hyaluronic acid matrix, cells and growth factors“. Regeneration after  A-PRP, Lithuania;

2014 – Delivered  4 reports at EWMA conference, Madrid, Spain;

2014 – Internship at prof. M.S.Doutre Laser Center, Bordeaux, France;

2014 - „Baltic hand surgery meeting“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015 - Seminar „Mentor implants in plastic surgery“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2015 – Practical training „From anatomy to the beauty face rejuvenation with Juvederm Vycross“, Riga, Latvia;

2015 - Seminar „Plastic surgery seminars“ event  „Breasts reconstuctive surgery“, Trakai, Lithuania;

2015 - Practical training „Uma Jeunesse for lasting beauty“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015 -  „Application of resorbable happy lift revitaling threads with cogs in aesthetic medicine“ , Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015 - Internship in Switzeland at Plastic and reconstructive surgery centre of Geneva University Hospital;

2015 - Delivered 5  reports at EWMA conference in London, England;

2015 - „Advanced theory and injection technique training course for x-ha, tissue fillers and abobotulinum toxina A“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2016 - „Motiva implants in practice“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 - courses  – Masterclass on the Advanced use of Microthaneâ Breast Implants, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 - courses  –  5th Congress of World Union of Wound Healing Societies „One Vision, One Mission“, Florence, Italy;

2016 -  „Fat transplant with Regenlab PRP“ seminar, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2016 - „Complex treatment of trophic ulcers“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 - Delivered 6 reports at EWMA conference in Bremen, Germany;

2016 - Delivered 5 reports  at World Union of Wound Healing Societies, Florence, Italy;

2017 - „ International  laser surgery conference“, London, England;

2017 - Delivered  5 reports at  EWMA conference , Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

2017 - „Contemporary cosmetic surgery: breast Implants and facial Injections“, Druskininkai, Lithuania;

2017 - „Botulinum toxin Vistabel usage for face rejuvenation“, Russia;

2017 - „Neauvia organic fillers training“, Riga, Latvia;

2017 - „Face contouring plastics“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2017 - Aesthetic Medicine Courses, Riga, Latvia;

2017 -  „Innovative technologies and their application in body and facial procedures. Carboxytherapy, plasmatherapy, cryolipolysis“, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 - Delivered  2 reports, won 2nd place at „International laser surgery conference “, London, England;

2018 - Delivered  7 reports at EWMA conference, Krakow, Poland;

2018 - Delivered report at the Lithuanian Wound Management Accociation (LWMA) conference , Panevėžys, Lithuania;

2018 - „How to harmonize lower third of the face“ conference , Vilnius, Lithuania.

Membership in professional, public organizations

LWMA member

EWMA member

Lithuanian Plastic and reconstructive surgery society member