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MD Giedrė Uždavinytė-Šemetienė, Plastic and reconstructive surgery

MD Giedrė Uždavinytė-Šemetienė


1987 - 1993 y. Vilnius University, Medical faculty, medical studies
1993 - 1997 y. Vilnius University, Medical faculty, Professional qualification of a pediatric surgeon
1997 - 1999 y. Vilnius University, Medical faculty, cardiac surgery residency, doctor cardiac surgeon
2015 - 2018 y. Vilnius University, Medical faculty, Plastic and reconstructive surgery residency, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

Professional experience

1999 - 2015 y. VUH Santaros clinics, doctor cardiac surgeon
Since 1999 y. JSC “Cardiac surgery center of Vilnius”
Since 2003 y. Vilnius „Kardiolita Clinics“, doctor cardiac surgeon
Since 2018 y. Vilnius „Kardiolita Clinics“, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctor

International professional experience

2000 y. „Small incisions technique in cardiac surgery“ European Surgery Institute, Hamburg, Germany
2001 y. Kiel Christian Albrechts University, cardiac surgery clinic, Germany
2001-2002 y. „VI Advanced training course in Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Cardioanesthesiology area“ professional theoretical and practical development program, Sant‘Anna university studies and  professional development school, Italy
2002 y. Practical experimental courses, International cardiac laboratory, Zurich, Switzeland
2010 y. Internship „Arterial revascularization of coronary arteries without artificial blood circulation“ Henry Dunant Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Athens, Greece

Professional improvement

2006 y. „Cardiac surgery“ qualification improvement courses, VU MF Clinic of Cardiovascular Diseases
International scientific conferences , congresses, seminars:
„Innovative technologies and their application in body and face procedures “, „Fat transplantation and gender reassignment surgery “, „Reconstructive surgery“, „Handbreath surgery and plastic surgery“, „MENTOR professional training course“, „Complications in plastic surgery“
Author and co-author of reports in scientific conferences:
„Possibilities of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Treatment of Post-traumatic Mediastinitis“, „Treatment of post-traumatic proximal radioulnar synostosis“, „Application of LipoVaser in plastic and reconstructive surgery“, „Facial rejuvenation by fat cell transplantation“

This physician provides the following services Price
Scar Correction (up to 5 cm)
Otoplasty (Ear Correction)
Fat Transfer to the Face
Upper Eyelid Surgery