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Dovydas Gutmanas

 Dovydas Gutmanas

Specializing in:

  • Otolaryngology
  • Endoscopic procedures
  • ENT surgeries
  • Biopsies


Dr. Dovydas Gutmanas is an experienced Otolaryngologist, providing consultations and performing all ENT related and ENT palstic surgeries.

Date of birth: 1978-11-17

Foreign languages: English, Russian


Education & acquired specialty:

2005-2008 Otolaryngological Residency at KMU

1996-2004 Medical Faculty at Vilnius University


Medical license(s) and certificates:

License to practice medicine Nr. MPL-11006 with the professional qualification of otolaryngologist


Professional experience:

2009 to present - Otolaryngologist at Kardiolita Hospital Facility in Kaunas

2012 to present - Otolaryngologist at Kaunas Clinical Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center

2009 to present - Otolaryngologist at Kalniečiai polyclinic

2008-2010 Otolaryngologist at VGPUL ENT department

2004-2005 Doctor of Medicine at Ukmergės hospital


International experiences, apprenticeships:

Courses of Endonasal Surgery in Graz, Austria

Laser Courses at Jena, Germany

Courses of Rhinoplasty in Bergamo, Italy

Courses of Functional Esthetic Nose Surgery in Amsterdam, Holland

Oncology Institute at Vilnius University: Head and Neck Surgery department

Prof. P. Soyer Dermatoscopy Courses in Tallinn, Estonia

Papers presented and articles published on the topic of Otolaryngology

This physician provides the following services Price
Rhinoplasty Surgery 2100 Eur