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Prof., MD Habil. PhD Audrius Aidietis, Cardiologist and Cardiac surgery doctor


1979 graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine

Professional experience

Head of Centre Cardiology and Angiology of Vilnius University Hospital Santariškės Clinics.
Since 2003 - doctor cardiologist at Kardiolita Hospital.

Professor Audrius Aidietis is one of Lithuanian pioneers who have started contemporary treatment of cardiac arrhhythmias. His scientific and practical interests embrace the wast field of cardiovascular medicine. After starting clinical application of arrhythmia surgery in 1980-ies, he still works both in cardiology and cardiac surgery and has become the expert in both disciplines. He introduced into clinical practice in Lithuania many innovative methods as catheter ablation of arrhythmias, minimally invasive surgery for atrial fibrillation, cardiac resynchronization therapy, transcatheter implantation of cardiac valves. He is recognized as distinguished physician of Lithuania. He also spends a considerable amount of time for patient education and has participated in numerous television and radio events dedicated to cardiovascular diseases and prevention. He was especially effective in that while working as a president of Lithuanian heart association. In December  2011 he was awarded a figurine of St. Christopher, patron of Vilnius city, for merits in medicine.

Professional development

Internships in cardioclinics in Sweden, USA, lector of many international conferences

Scientific work

Author of 122 scientific publications