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We are resuming our scheduled services!

We are resuming our scheduled services!
Dear patients! Please be informed that we are resuming our scheduled services and do it in compliance with all infectious disease control requirements, so being able to ensure safety of both staff and You.

  *   Each arriving patient is provided with necessary protection equipment.

  *   Our staff will communicate with You as well as provided with protection equipment.

  *   Services are provided managing flows of patients:  we do separate patients without symptoms of viral infection,  older than 60 years adults and (or) patients with chronic diseases and flows of patients with viral infection symptoms.  

  *   We ensure that there is no queue at all - no more than 1 patient can wait at the office room.

  *   All necessary services (consultations, analyses, procedures) are provided during one visit.

  *   After each patient visit, we disinfect the doctor's office and the objects, equipment, surfaces contained therein.