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Tummy Tuck Surgery Abroad Helped a UK Patient Save 38%

Having a flat tummy is a goal of many, but not everyone can easily achieve it. A lot of people go abroad for tummy tuck because they get a lot of savings even after the axpenses of the surgery and the flights.

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, can help people get a flat tummy by removing the excess fat and skin in the abdominal area. "I was excessively obese as a teenager and although I was able to lose a lot of weight, I couldn't firm my tummy enough to be able to wear fitted clothing nicely." - says Brandon Jones, a 46-year-old bank manager from Durham, England.

Brandon found out that a tummy tuck surgery abroad can allow for him to cut down the costs of the surgery compared to getting it done in a local hospital. He decided to get a tummy tuck abroad because of a recommendation from a colleague who had the same procedure at Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania, more than a year ago.

"Most of our international patients come to us by word of mouth. Our good geographical location and experienced doctors who operate daily are big factors when it comes to attracting international patients." - says Kardiolita Hospital CEO Andrius Kostogriz.

The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and the doctors use the most advanced surgery methods, anaesthesia, and post-operative care. Aside from the very affordable prices, patients enjoy no waiting times. There have been no MRSA infections in the hospital reported to date. A complete surgical package gives patients a stress-free experience since it also includes full medical care, hospital stay, doctor consultations, medications, and roundtrip airport transfers.

At Kardiolita Hospital, tummy tuck lift surgeries are being performed daily. Patients choosing Kardiolita Hospital for their tummy tuck surgery save up to 47% while getting world-class medical services, which is a huge deciding factor for patients from abroad.

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