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Surgery Abroad: Research Shows 72% People Would Choose To Go Abroad for Gastric Surgery

More and more people electing to go overseas for gastric surgery citing costs in home country

The number one global epidemic facing almost every country is obesity. With this huge rise in obesity, it would make sense for insurance companies to pay for gastric surgery. This is not, unfortunately, the case. Paying out of pocket for this surgery in their home countries is often well outside of what most people can reasonable afford.

Those who elect to have this surgery often choose to go abroad for gastric surgery, citing the cost is cheaper even when taking air fare, passports, customs and hotel stays into account.

Kardiolita Hospital is one such location that many choose for their gastric surgery abroad

“We have seen a considerable upswing in the number of patients coming to us because of the gastric surgery abroad cost,” said Andrius Kostogriz, CEO of the hospital.

At Kardiolita Hospital, gastric surgeries are being performed daily. Patients choosing Kardiolita Hospital for their gastric surgery save up to 47% while getting world-class medical services, which is a huge deciding factor for patients from abroad.

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