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Study Reveals Patients Choose Gastric Surgery Abroad As The Most Effective Weight Loss Surgery Option

Study Reveals Patients Choose Gastric Surgery Abroad As The Most Effective Weight Loss Surgery...
Weight loss is a very important health issue facing virtually everyone in the world today. Many struggle to lose weight and wish to turn to surgery. Sadly, insurance plans will not cover these procedures. As a solution, many people go abroad for weight loss surgery. The number one reason people choose weight loss surgery abroad is cost.

The weight loss surgery cost abroad is often low enough for potential patients to afford travel and the surgery while still costing less than if they had the weight loss surgery in their home country.

Bill Burbank had suffered with obesity ever since a car accident in the late 1990’s. He desperately wanted to have surgery, but the cost was well outside of what he could afford. He did some searching and learned that the cost of the weight loss surgery abroad was well within a simple budget.

At Kardiolita Hospital, weight loss surgeries are performed by Prof. Antanas Mickevicius who has over 25 years of experience in operating daily. Patients choosing Kardiolita Hospital for their weight loss surgery surgery abroad save up to 70 percent while getting world-class medical services, which is a huge deciding factor for patients from abroad.

“Those who are interested in weight loss surgery and are not sure about the weight loss surgery abroad cost should strongly consider coming to our hospital. We have a fully modern surgical suite, and we feature some of the best physicians in the world,” said Andrius Kostogriz, CEO of Kardiolita Hospital.

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