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Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joints‘ treatment using regenerative cells applying lipogems technology

Shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joints‘ treatment using regenerative cells applying lipogems...
LIPOGEMS - it is a new generation treatment of regenerative cells without analogues for joints‘ diseases, sports injuries and congenital defects.

During LIPOGEMS therapy adipose tissue is collected from the patient, it is processed, cleared of inflammatory cells and implanted in the affected area where repair of the damaged organs is required. According to the world-famous scientist prof. Arnold Caplan, LIPOGEMS - it is the medicine of the future, that far exceeds the standard of treatment in terms of its effectiveness.

LIPOGEMS treatment is recommended for:

  1. Persons suffering from daily pain due to various orthopedic diseases:
    • arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis;
    • degenerative changes of the spine and tendons;
    • joints‘ pain, numbness;
    • chronic tendonitis;
    • bones and cartilages reconstructions;
  2. Those, who do not want surgery because there are many risk factors (concomitant illnesses, diabetes, obesity, etc.).

LIPOGEMS advantages:

  • promoted natural regeneration of damaged cells and tissues;
  • LIPOGEMS produces a large number of regenerative cells, needed for the repair of damaged tissues. The methods used so far have not been able to reach this number of cells or have had to be grown under laboratory conditions, which has limited clinical usage;
  • the patient’s adipose tissue is used for transplantation, so there is no risk of rejection;
  • LL37 protein cells, which are a natural antibiotic, reduce the possibility of inflammatory reactions;
  • it is a minimally invasive, uncomplicated, fast and safe surgical procedure;
  • performed under local anesthesia, so no special preparation is required;
  • the person is discharged home on the same day;
  • much shorter postsurgery period;
  • it can be an alternative to complex surgical procedures and joints' replacement surgeries.

Distinctiveness of LIPOGEMS in relation to other products:

  • LIPOGEMS is obtained without the usage of any additional enzymes;
  • Completely closed, sealed and sterile system, without long term cells reproduction under laboratory conditions;
  • Minimum risk procedure;
  • Processing adipose tissue in the LIPOGEMS system, the maximum biochemical potential of the cells is preserved;
  • The exceptionally unique advantage of LIPOGEMS is that all the adipose tissue required for the healing environment is collected and injected safely and, most importantly, accurately into the damaged area.