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Private Healthcare News: Kardiolita and InterGlobal Partnership To Improve Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to health and medical treatment, people are always looking for the best service providers - whether it's private medical insurance or medical services provider. The goal is the same for everyone - to get timely, affordable, highest quality services. And when the service provider also targets the same values - the customer always wins.

Kardiolita, the leading private hospital in Lithuania, and InterGlobal - an award-winning international medical insurance provider, are pursuing the same values: happy customers is what matters most. These two international companies have partnered to improve their patient satisfaction and assure each patient gets the highest quality medical services in a timely matter.

Andrius Jonutis, General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita, says: "Health insurance companies is one of the channels how many of our international patients come to our hospital for medical treatment: patients want great services and care, and insurers want affordability - this is how we come to help at Kardiolita - being JCI accredited and actually working by the JCI standards in every way, we guarantee the highest quality medical services and care for the patients, and affordable prices for the insurance company. Being able to work with InterGlobal - a company that has tailored their service to address the specific geographical and cultural needs of their clients, is a step towards our successful growth and improving satisfaction for even more patients".

"Our partnership will definitely let each of us grow because now we, as an international medical insurance provider, simply have more choice when it comes to selecting a medical services provider in Lithuania. Most importantly, our members will win because for any type of treatment there are no waiting times at Kardiolita private hospital, plus they‘ll be getting the highest standards of care from a JCI approved provider, and that means a lot." - says Eleni Sideri, Group Head of Technical Claims at InterGlobal.

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