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Knee Surgery Overseas: Why Patients Choose a Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

Traveling to another country for medical treatment is not a new thing in today’s reality. Known as Medical Tourism, it is becoming most popular in countries where waiting times for medical treatment are very long, prices are extremely high, or doctors are not as experienced as in other countries.

According to a patient who has decided to have a knee replacement surgery abroad and chose the leading private general hospital in Lithuania – “Kardiolita”: “I did not have many choices. The price for the surgery here in my country was not acceptable, and I was not willing to wait for weeks or even months to get the surgery done at a hospital in my country. In “Kardiolita”, I had to wait for 2 weeks since the day I provided my diagnosis information to them – and everything went smoothly and as planned. I am very happy I decided to go abroad for my surgery.”

Waiting times and prices are just two aspects of the situation. Professionalism of doctors and medical personnel, as well as additional services and rehabilitation are also important. For example, patients who choose Kardiolita as a hospital for their knee surgery overseas, get personalized medical care from the personal medical assistant, as well as post-operative care in Lithuania’s best rehabilitation centers.

Knee surgeries, together with hip replacement surgeries and heart surgeries, are amongst the most popular types of medical treatments that people go abroad for.

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