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Kardiolita – The Leading Private Hospital In Lithuania - Gets Accredited By The JCI. Medical Treatment Abroad News

Kardiolita – the leading private hospital in Lithuania – has been a popular choice for medical treatment abroad, and getting accredited by the JCI confirms the highest quality of medical services, and patient safety.

Joint Commission International, or JCI, is one of the groups providing international healthcare accreditation services to hospitals around the world. This global, knowledge-based organization provides leadership and innovative solutions to help international health care organizations across all settings improve patient safety and quality.

While many hospitals and clinics worldwide strive to get accredited by the JCI simply to be able to market their services easier, Kardiolita is the perfect example showing that the accreditation was just a proof that the hospital works by the highest standards and following the necessary procedures to provide health services of the highest quality to their patients.

According to the General Deputy Manager of Kardiolita – Andrius Jonutis, „We have been following many of these work procedures for years already as we have many ongoing and active initiatives for service improvement inside our company, so there was not that much to learn and change when we decided to get accredited by the JCI - that is just how we are used to work daily. So being accredited by the JCI is not just a nice fact by itself, but it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality and safety.“, A.Jonutis says.

Private General Hospital Kardiolita is not only the first choice for private medical services in Lithuania, it is also the choice for many International patients as well: people from Europe and even the Unites States choose Kardiolita for different types of medical treatments and surgeries. The reason behind this is that the prices for the services are much lower than those in the UK or the US, but the quality of the services is very high, and the level of equipment is what the best hospitals in Europe and the US have.

„Even when you add the price for the travel, the amount the patient saves coming to our hospital for treatment, is still huge. This is why our hospital is a popular destination for medical treatment in Europe.“ – Andrius Jonutis says.

About Kardiolita:

Kardiolita is the leading private general hospital in Lithuania. Established in 1998 Kardiolita provides full range of medical services – from comprehensive diagnostics to various surgical treatments within many medical areas. Kardiolita employs 190 highly qualified Lithuanian doctors with extensive international experience and treatment performance of more than 45 medical areas. The hospital has long-term experience in treating international patients.

Please contact us at +370 694 70170 for more information.