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Kardiolita Adds Kinesiotherapy To Its Range Of Medical Services

Kinesiotherapy means "movement" - and is a physical therapy involving motion and a range of motion exercises. Kinesiotherapy is one of the most effective means of rehabilitation and can be applied in many different health conditions where other treatment methods cannot be applied or would not be so effective: back pain, neurologic, gynecologic, digestive dysfunctions and other health problems.

The right movement helps lower pain, improves metabolism and helps keep the bones, muscles, blood vessels and other body functions in a good condition, as well as helps improve body movement and physical performance. Patients being treated with kinesiotherapy report a much better health and improved energy, especially those who were not able to get treatment in any other form due to their health condition: injuries, surgeries and other circumstances can very often limit a person’s ability to move freely, thus limiting the number of different types of treatment one can get.

“We have a wide range of medical services and procedures available at our hospital, but just recently we added kinesiotherapy - there was a need for this type of health services and we have worked towards adding this procedure to the range of services we provide. After having it available for just over a week, we see how much more we are able to help our patients.” – says Andrius Jonutis, General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita, the leading private general hospital in Lithuania. “Our local patients gladly attend kinesiotherapy courses on a regular basis, and our international patients are happy to spend the time efficiently when healing after surgeries, or having a rehabilitation period”- A. Jonutis adds.

Kinesiotherapy courses at Kardiolita are available for all age ranges – from little kids to seniors. To book a doctor appointment, please contact us - we are looking forward to helping you heal and feel great!