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Heart Surgery Abroad: More And More People Go Abroad For Difficult Heart Surgeries

Being amongst the most difficult surgeries, heart surgeries are also some of the most expensive ones, and the ones requiring highly experienced doctors and surgeons with extensive experience in performing difficult surgeries of all types. In many cases – these types of surgeries also need to be performed soon after diagnosing the disease. These are the main reasons why people consider choosing another country for their surgery.

Lithuania’s heart surgeons are well known worldwide for the difficulty of heart surgeries performed, and the success rates of such surgeries. According to Giedrius Uzdavinys, the leading heart surgeon in Lithuania having more than 50 years of experience and a record of over 6000 heart surgeries, “people come to us from other countries because they know they will find the best and most experienced doctors here, and the prices are still low compared to other European countries. Many times, people know the names of Lithuanian surgeons and this is how they come to our hospital - Kardiolita”.

In Kardiolita, there have been over 2000 open heart surgeries performed in the 15 years of the history of the hospital. Some people come after having the diagnostics done in their country, others choose to have the diagnostics done at Kardiolita, and then have the surgery. In this case, the diagnostics is being done at no cost for the patient.

The whole process of organizing a treatment in another country might sound overwhelming at first, but it is much simpler than it sounds. According to Andrius Jonutis, General Deputy Manager at the leading private general hospital in Lithuania – “Kardiolita”, “our patients give us a call first, and after receiving their diagnosis, we can book the date for the surgery right away – waiting time is usually no more than 1-2 weeks even for the most difficult surgeries. Each patient in our hospital has a Personal Medical Assistant who is there ready to help or answer any questions at any time. The leading person can live together with the patient in the same room after the surgery. Our mission is to provide personalized care of outstanding quality that makes a difference to the typical hospital experience”, Andrius Jonutis says.

At “Kardiolita”, all patients are being treated in a special way – from the first call, to the day they are being brought to the airport after the rehabilitation. For more information, please contact us.