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Gastric Bypass Abroad: Why Men And Women in The UK Choose Bariatric Surgery Abroad

With obesity becoming one of the fastest-growing health problems in the world, there is no doubt there has to be lots of choices for treating it as well. However, people living in the UK are facing one serious problem when it comes to treating their medical condition: compared to other serious diseases such as heart disease or cancer, obesity is treated as of a lower importance, and thus it is being given a lower priority. This is the reason why waiting times for such surgeries are extremely long, and why people are looking for alternatives to having a surgery abroad.

Traveling abroad with a goal to have a medical treatment in another country is known as Medical Tourism. More and more people each year choose to go abroad for various types of surgeries: orthopedic, heart surgeries, cosmetic and obesity surgeries.

According to Andrius Jonutis, General Deputy Manager at the leading private hospital in Lithuania - Kardiolita:  "There are a few reasons why people come to our country and choose our hospital for medical treatment: first, our surgeons are known worldwide for the high success rates of surgeries of various difficulty levels. Second, the prices for diagnostics, surgeries and medical treatment are still very low in Lithuania compared to other European countries. Then there comes a perfect geographical location and convenient travel (short distance), and non-existent infection rates.”

Over the past few years, the number of patients who had gastric bypass surgery done in Kardiolita, has been increasing steadily. Another reason for this is that additionally to saving up to 60% on the surgery, patients do not need to worry about anything else as the patient and the leading person are being taken care of, from start to finish, including the rehabilitation if needed.

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