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From "Kardiolita" - With a New Chance To Live

More than twenty two years ago a 63 year old musician, Kęstutis Kalikauskas, left Lithuania and moved to the United States to learn the language and see American culture. As the time passed, he had married and was not intending to get back to his home country. However, at his 70's, Kęstutis was brought back to Lithuania - because of the health issues.

"I lived an active lifestyle and my heart just decided to remind me of itself. I felt pain in the heart area after short walks, I started getting short of air to breath, I was not able to inhale enough air even after smallest physical activity. I had to take longer and longer breaks to be able to proceed with whatever I was working on" - Kęstutis Kalikauskas remembers.

Kęstutis has visited several hospitals in the United States, but not having the full healthcare insurance coverage, doctors used to send him to see other specialists. Finally, local doctors have recommended to perform the coronary bypass surgery. Having postponed this procedure for some time, Kestutis has decided to look for medical services abroad. Finally, as suggested by his relatives, he started researching the possibilities of getting medical services in his home country - Lithuania.

Two hours for making the decision

Having travelled to Lithuania just to confirm the diagnosis of the US specialists, Kęstutis Kalikauskas was shocked to hear that he has an advanced coronary artery disease, which was diagnosed after extensive diagnostics performed at the private hospital - Kardiolita. The situation  was extremely dangerous and thus cardiac surgeon Prof. Giedrius Uždavinys who is consulting and operating at Kardiolita, has adviced the patient to make a decision for the urgent heart surgery - within the next 2-3 hours.

"I came to Lithuania expecting to confirm my disease, and now I leave with the extended ticket to live. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been visiting the professor at that time." - says Mr.Kalikauskas, being on the last days of his successful rehabilitation period.

"Lithuania, as a country performing high quality medical services, has lots of great perspectives" - assurely says Mr.Kalikauskas who is extremely impressed with the medical personnel he has met. According to the patient, Lithuania is a country where medical services are of extremely high quality.

Was pleased with honest care

The patient says he had to decide between a private hospital and a public hospital in Lithuania, and is happy about his choice to go private. Mr.Kęstutis remembers that Kardiolita has impressed him with an extremely high quality of services, doctors of the highest qualifications and honest and careful personnel, as well as the newest equipment and technologies.

"I was extremely impressed with the honest and warm care. At Kardiolita, specialists take care of patients from their heart - it's a symbiosis of professional doctors, great traditions and new technologies." Kęstutis Kalikauskas is most happy about the fact that there are still many doctors in Lithuania who have chosen this profession because of their vocation and not because of it being popular or prestigious.

According to Prof. Giedrius Uždavinys, senior cardiac surgeon at the leading private hospital Kardiolita, "coronary heart disease is currently the main cause of death in the world. The most typical symptom is pain behind the breastbone at the time of physical activity, which disappears at rest. Seeing such symptoms which persist, it is necessary to call an ambulance."