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Free of charge treatment in Lithuania with Norwegian HELFO reimbursement

Free of charge treatment in Lithuania with Norwegian HELFO reimbursement
At Kardiolita Hospital you can receive world-class treatment by one of the best doctors in Lithuania, funded by the Norwegian HELFO!

For persons residing in Norway, who receive free of charge treatment in Norway, HELFO reimburses the planned treatment services in Lithuania.

Kardiolita Hospital, in collaboration with the Norwegian HELFO, helps patients prepare the necessary documents to obtain HELFO reimbursement for the treatment provided.

Why it is worth choosing Kardiolita Hospital when looking for treatment in Lithuania?

  • Kardiolita Hospital - is a private network of clinics recognized in Lithuania. Kardiolita Hospital has more than 30 treatment centers and works in 45 medical fields;
  • Kardiolita Hospital employs one of the best doctors in Lithuania - recognized specialists in their field;
  • Organize treatment quickly and efficiently, patients do not have to wait in long queues;
  • While getting treated in Lithuania, you will not have any stress due to the language barrier, will be able to focus on improving your health.

What is reimbursed by the Norwegian HELFO?

HELFO reimburses the costs of similar services as in Norway - consultations, diagnostics and treatments (surgeries). Patients living in Norway must have a referral from Norwegian doctors in order to receive the services required.

What do you need in order to receive HELFO funding for treatment in Lithuania?

In order to receive HELFO funding, it is necessary to submit these documents and meet following requirements:

  1. A medical extract on the treatment required, i. e. a referral of a doctor. It must be issued by a general practitioner (GP) or a specialist doctor working in Norway;
  2. To have the HELFO number;
  3. Fill in the required forms and submit them to HELFO, along with the doctor's referral and other documents  - at this stage we will help you to arrange the necessary documentation.

How does it work?

Customers achieving to obtain HELFO financing for the required service, must firstly complete the necessary forms together with the accompanying documents to submit to HELFO and wait for pre-authorization. NAV provides a written response within 15-20 business days.

After receiving confirmation from the NAV that the required treatment will be reimbursed, the patient can come to Kardiolita Hospital for the planned treatment having a referral from a Norwegian doctor. The patient pays for the treatment at Kardiolita Hospital himself.

At the end of the treatment, Kardiolita Hospital provide the patient with all the necessary documents that the patient will have to submit to HELFO when returning to Norway, in order to return to the patient's account the amount spent for treatment in Lithuania.

Important to know

HELFO does not reimburse:

  • Translation services;
  • Beauty procedures, vision correction surgeries;
  • Procedures, which are not standard in Norwegian territory and which a person insured in Norway would not receive free of charge in Norwegian hospitals.