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Coronary Angiography Procedure Abroad – Simple and Inexpensive Way To Do Diagnostics

Coronary Angiography is a simple procedure that can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour – however, in many countries, the time people have to wait and the price they need to pay for it, makes them turn to hospitals in other countries to have this procedure performed.

According to Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at the General Private Hospital in Lithuania – Kardiolita: “We perform Coronary Angioplasty by inserting a catheter through the arm, and this makes a huge difference compared to having it inserted through the thigh artery – because this way the procedure becomes much easier for the patient and they can walk without any problems on the same day. We have many patients coming to our hospital from different countries – not only do they save time by taking just one day off their schedule, but they pay at least 2-3 times less than in their home country.”

Coronary Angiography Procedure

The procedure is fairly simple, although, invasive. Using local anaesthesia, the doctor inserts a catheter into the arm arthery which is then directed to the heart. Then a special dye is passed through the catheter which lets the doctor see any blockages and narrowed areas on the arteries. This is one of the most effective ways for the doctor to see any potential risks and suspect any potential heart disease. At Kardiolita, the stenting procedure might be performed during the same coronary angiography procedure, without the need to come back again to perform the stenting of the arteries - which is a great advantage compared to many other hospitals where patients would need to have two different procedures performed.

Coronary Angiography Cost

The cost for the Coronary Angiography differs from hospital to hospital, and from country to country. For example, this diagnostics procedure can cost about 3000 Eur in the UK, while in Lithuania it costs 1000 Eur at the Private General Hospital Kardiolita. The savings are quite significant thus leading so many people go abroad for this procedure.

Coronary Angiography Complications and Recovery

Complications are rare with this procedure. The most common complication is a haematoma – which is a build up of blood under the skin in the area where the catheter was inserted. Because at Kardiolita Private Hospital catheter is being inserted in the arm arthery, even if the haematoma builds up, a person can walk the same day without any problems.

There are some tests need to be performed prior to coming to the hospital for the coronary angiography procedure. Please contact us for more information -