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Breast Enlargement With Implants: Surgery Abroad is Being Chosen More Often Than Ever Before

Breast enlargement with implants surgery abroad has become more popular than ever, especially amongst women whose breasts did not develop as much as they would like. The surgery involves the use of silicone or saline implants to enlarge the breasts.

A lot of women living in the UK, USA, or Western Europe go abroad for breast enlargement with implants. They choose going abroad because the surgery costs much less when compared to having it done in their home country.

"I was a very athletic person as a teenager and was a little bit disappointed that my breasts did not develop as much as I'd like them to be. When looking at surgery options, a friend advised me that I should consider having it done at Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius where it is cheaper." - says Maxine Chester, a gym instructress from Manchester, UK. After weeks of planning, Maxine booked a complete package and is now on her way to recovery.

"We offer breast augmentation with anatomical implants and breast augmentation with round profile implants. Most of our patients take advantage of the full-service packages so they can focus on the procedure and recovery." - says Kardiolita Hospital CEO Andrius Kostogriz.

Patients are not only satisfied with the breast enlargement with implants cost abroad but are also happy that there is no risk of MRSA infections in this hospital. The experienced surgeons at Kardiolita Hospital operate daily using the most advanced surgery methods, anaesthesia, and post-operative care there is.

At Kardiolita Hospital, breast enlargement surgery is performed by surgeons who perform such surgeries daily, for the past 16+ years. Patients choosing Kardiolita Hospital for their breast surgery save up to 65% while getting world-class medical services, which is a huge deciding factor for patients from abroad.

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